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Who Are We

Kangen Water Creations is an authority approved merchant in Chandigarh , Punjab for Enagic Kangen® Water, the Best in the Alkaline Water Ionizer Industry.

Kangen Water Creations is multi-reason water delivered apportioned by Enagic’s inventive water innovation through electrolysis, and can be utilized for drinking, cooking, magnificence, and purging purposes. For drinking water, the water is ionized with antacid properties (PH 8.5 or more), for excellence water (PH 5.5), and acidic water (PH 2.5) for purifying of wounds and microscopic organism.

Why Kangen® Water

  • Tried and endorsed by more than 6,500 specialists – Japanese Association of Preventative Medicine for Adult Diseases
  • Affirmed medicinal gadget by Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare.
  • Utilized in many doctor’s facilities in Japan.
  • Life expectancy of 15 – 25 years (Save more over the long haul contrasted with other water ionizers).
  • Smaller scale bunch of water particles for better hydration and retention (5 – 6 for every group) contrasted with consistent water (15 – 20 for each bunch).
  • Utilization of therapeutic review titanium plates hand-plunged with platinum (rather than work innovation utilized by contenders) to keep synthetic substances from spilling into water.
  • Worked to last
  • Ionizer Lifespan of 15 – 25 Years

Would you rather purchase a modest ionizer that endures you 2 – 3 years and present the danger of poisonous metals spilling into your drinking water from wore out work plates, or an excellent brand quality water ionizer that has been in the market for more than 40 years?

Hand-Made to the Finest of Quality

Kangen water ionizers are collected from beginning to end by just a single expert, guaranteeing the most noteworthy quality control accessible. Appropriate from the earliest starting point of the creation stage, each part, get together, testing, review, and last bundling are completed in the Enagic production line.

This total in-house creation guarantees the most elevated item quality paying little heed to whichever part of the world you arrange our items from.

Restorative Grade Titanium Plates

With the end goal for water to be ionized, a lot of electric ebb and flow needs to go through it.

Restorative Grade Titanium Plates Coated With Platinum

Kangen water ionizers utilize restorative review titanium plates that are hand-dunked into platinum, and can withstand solid electric streams over extensive stretches of time. The producer Enagic got the WQA Gold Seal Award for this.

With the WQA Gold Seal Program, you can have certainty that Enagic gives the most astounding premium quality in water ionizer machines.

Tried and Approved by Over 6,500 Doctors

Endorsed by the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Diseases (JAPMAD), Enagic is the main organization in this industry to get this respect because of the ionizers’ high review restorative generation.

More than 6,500 specialists have tried Enagic’s Kangen water life science gadgets in clinical applications with their patients.

Industry's Best Self-Cleaning System

Programmed Cleaning System

Minerals found in water supply, for example, Ca and Mg can bunch and adhere to the terminal plates. With Kangen ionizers‘ consequently cleaning framework, they can be severed effortlessly by turning around the electric current.

Programmed Water-Draining System

At whatever point electrolysis of the water runs consistently for 15 minutes, Kangen ionizers‘ self-cleaning system is enacted for 20 seconds. Over that, Kangen water machines are furnished with a programmed water-depleting framework, anticipating tainting and expansion of germs in deposit water.

Client Care and Follow-Up

We offer free conveyance and free essential establishment when you buy a unit with us. Free fundamental establishment is legitimate for standard fixtures.

Benevolently reach us for more points of interest.

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